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The Green Claims Copilot™ monitors your environmental messages for greenwashing risks, enabling you to substantiate green claims with meaningful impact to drive real change.

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All your green claims in one place

Powered by leading AI and human experts, your Green Claims Copilot helps you audit, manage, and track all your organisation's green claims in one place.

For every green claim, your Copilot creates a detailed report, evaluating greenwashing risk against international best practice, national laws, and the upcoming EU Green Claims regulation, to help you avoid making misleading green claims.

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360° check for every green claim

Your Green Claims Copilot knows everything about the complex criteria to make green claims meet the latest best practice: It checks wording, environmental terminology, imagery, contextual information, and monitors the market for complaints or legal action around similar claims.

You can even trigger a quick consumer survey to test if your claim might be misleading your audience – well before you release it into the market.

Results are presented in a clear, non-technical report, giving you and your team the actionable insights you need to substantiate your claims with meaningful & measurable positive impact.


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Getting ahead of the new EU Green Claims Directive


On 22 March 2023, in an effort to dramatically reduce greenwashing, the European Commission released the Green Claims Directive, which regulates that businesses must scientifically substantiate green claims, or face hefty fines.

With the help of our in-house experts, we reviewed the new Directive and related publications and created a helpful FAQ with the 25 most common questions.