Every product needs an info.link

Meet the latest green regulation and win consumers with a compliant & engaging info.link page, accessible via the global standard QR code


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Meet new green claims regulation in 4 easy steps

Info.link makes it easy to share green claims evidence & other product information, all accessible via the global standard QR code.


Enter product's 14-digit GTIN number


Select brand template & enter product info


Enter green claim details & other product information


Add the global standard QR code to product packaging

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Stay compliant, save costs & win consumers with endless use cases

An info.link is a highly flexible digital extension of any physical product. In addition to green claims details, you can add links to helpful product information such as:

Recycling information, user manuals, FAQs, re-order links, real time promotions & coupons, contact & chat, social media accounts, Digital Product Pass, ... and many more.

All this information can be updated any time, even after the product has been launched to the market.


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Meet current and upcoming green regulation & avoid greenwashing

Current & upcoming green regulations mandate scientific proof for environmental claims, and non-compliance may incur fines up to 4% of annual turnover.

However, most companies are unsure of the required evidence and can't fit it on their product packaging.

That's why the info.link platform automatically formats all green claim information according to the latest green regulation, avoiding unintentional greenwashing and educating consumers at the same time.

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Easily manage info.links & QR codes for all your products

The info.link platform streamlines the managing of thousands of info.link pages and QR codes – all hosted securely under one dashboard on your own branded subdomain: [yourbrand].info.link

Good to know: we take data privacy very seriously, guaranteeing that all info.link pages ...

  • are 100% GDPR compliant
  • don't track consumers
  • don't use cookies
  • are hosted in the European Union

Enjoy a lemonade & experience GS1's new global standard QR code

Thirsty? Enjoy a Jake's lemonade & scan the QR code to visit its info.link page.

Jake's is the first FMCG company in Germany using the new GS1 Digital Link, set to replace the barcode GS1 introduced in 1974.

While it looks just like a regular QR code, it serves varied purposes. For instance, a scan might return its price at the check out, show stock info to a logistics worker, and also display an info.link page to a consumer. Learn more here.

As an official GS1 Solution Partner, we build all info.link pages on this new global standard, allowing you to enjoy its benefits today. Cheers to that!


Book your demo today & get a free info.link

Pick a suitable date and time for a quick info.link demo. If you share a green claim with us, we'll create your first info.link page for you 🤓

EU Green Claims Guide-1

Getting ahead of the new EU Green Claims Directive


On 22 March 2023, in an effort to dramatically reduce greenwashing, the European Commission released the Green Claims Directive, which regulates that businesses must scientifically substantiate green claims, or face hefty fines.

With the help of our in-house experts, we reviewed the new Directive and related publications and created a helpful FAQ with the 25 most common questions.