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Share compliant product & sustainability information

With one click, info.link generates a transparent, and engaging info page for every product in your portfolio, compliant with EU regulation like the EU Green Claims Directive. Then link to it with a future-proof QR code & easy-to-type short link on the packaging.

QR code on product links to compliant digital product and sustainability information
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With info.link

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info.link auto-formats Green Claims in line with new EU green regulation and is ready for the Digital Product Passport

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info.link digitises entire product portfolios with just 1 click, auto-translates content, and auto-detects green certifications

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info.link generates future-proof QR codes (GS1 Digital Link), does not show prices & loads quickly even in stores with slow Internet

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info.link is purpose-built for offline-to-online engagement: delight consumers with how tos, digital manuals, easy reorders, and more

Without info.link

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Compliance risk

Not meeting green regulations might lead to costly product recalls, and consumers permanently avoid brands accused of greenwashing

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Manually maintaining regulation-compliant information pages for individual products is time-intensive and costly

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Retail conflict

Linking to e-shop product pages with online prices creates retail conflicts and disappoints consumers with slow load speeds

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Poor experience

Linking to generic "catch-all" pages creates a poor consumer experience and misses the opportunity to build brand loyalty

3 simple steps to transparency & compliance

With info.link, you can batch-add entire portfolios of products and instantly auto-create compliant, engaging, and highly accessible pages with sustainability information or other value-adding services.


Quickly add one or a whole portfolio of products simply by adding their GTINs. Leading sustainability certificates are auto-detected.


info.link pages are auto-created for every product, based on your defined brand guidelines and page templates.


Consumers can access all sustainability and product info via an auto-generated QR code or short link printed on the packaging.

How info.link auto-formats green claims for compliance

Share compliant green claims and avoid greenwashing

The EU Green Claims Directive requires scientific proof for environmental statements.

Many companies struggle with how to properly share evidence with consumers, especially with limited space on packaging.

info.link solves both issues at once: The platform organizes environmental statements according to the strict EU guidelines. From this, it automatically generates an accessible mobile website in seconds, complete with a future-proof QR code to go on the product's packaging.

This approach educates consumers and prevents greenwashing.

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Save costs and win customers with entirely new use cases

An info.link serves as the flexible digital extension of any physical product. Besides details on green claims, companies can add links to useful product information such as:

Recycling info, user manuals, FAQs, reorder links, real-time offers & coupons, support & chat, social media accounts, Digital Product Passport, and much more.

You can update all this information at any time, even after the product has already hit the market.

info.link platform - manage 1000s of products in all 27 EU languages

Manage 1000+ QR codes and products in 27 languages? Easy!

With the info.link platform, you can effortlessly create and efficiently manage thousands of info.link pages and QR codes.

Important updates — like product recall alerts — can be sent to all affected products in the market in seconds.

Good to know – all info.link pages ...

  • are 100% GDPR compliant,
  • don't track consumer data,
  • don't use any cookies,
  • are hosted on EU servers.
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EU Green Claims Directive FAQs

The EU Green Claims Directive – in simple terms


On March 22, 2023, the European Commission published the EU Green Claims Directive with the aim of drastically reducing greenwashing. It mandates that companies must back up their green claims with scientific evidence or face hefty fines.

With help from our in-house experts, we've reviewed the new regulation and related publications, and compiled a helpful FAQ featuring the 25 most common questions.