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We empower organisations to be radically transparent & help consumers make the most sustainable choices.

We believe that transparency – often driven by regulation – is key to allow consumers make more sustainable choices. That's why we create innovative tools and services to make it easy for organisations to share relevant product information and meet regulatory requirements at the same time.


Our approach

To realise our mission, we strive to be a leader in environmental compliance, technology, and user experience.


We partner with leading law firms and leverage proprietary AI to remain at the cutting edge of environmental compliance knowledge.


Open platform

info.link integrates leading environmental certifiers and service providers to offer brands market-leading most value with the least effort.


Easy to use

info.link is incredibly simple to use but powerful enough to manage thousands of products and QR codes to maintain regulatory compliance.

House of Change - Christoph Goeken - Max Ackermann-4-A

Meet our Founders

Christoph Goeken and Max Ackermann met at McKinsey, have founded multiple companies and share 30+ years of experience in consumer goods, software development, and academia.

Chris and Max are passionate about sustainability, people, and technology, and are supported by a fabulous team and group of advisors and investors.


State of Green Claims 2024 Report

Are brands ready for the EU Green Claims Directive? We analysed 163 Green Claims of 78 brands in German retail and found that less than 2% currently meet the new requirements.

State of Green Claims 2024 Report cover image